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Blockchain Training

Financial, Commercial and Industrial applications of Blockchain Technology. Training and thought leadership for Blockchain Strategy and Architecture

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We partner with organizations and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and education opportunities to enable and energise them to take full advantage of blockchain technology…see more

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Blockchain TRAINING Courses

We offer blockchain training classes to all levels from beginners to experts. We can provide onsite bespoke training at all levels and we also offer online exams and certifications which are accredited by the International Blockchain Certification Institute and the Blockchain Council.

The benefits of Blockchain are not just limited to financial transactions. Hence this course is not aimed only at Fintec or Banking professionals. As digitization continues, blockchain will be used more and more in our everyday lives, from delivery services to IoT ( Internet of Things ), and from security to retail and travel services. 

Blockchain Training Services SVCS Ltd
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On our Blockchain Online Courses you will learn:

Why are our Introductory Classes Different?

There are many different training companies that tend to introduce Blockchain at a very high technical level, and they also include a lot of classes that really dig deep into the technology behind Blockchain.  However, most fail to address or explain an important non-technical area which is how Blockchain can actually make a business’s operations more efficient and secure.  We have grouped technology and design experts with business experts in this field to deliver this exciting and new opportunity.

Our online blockchain course offers classes that fill the gap between purely technical classes and classes that are orientated  towards the specific business uses that blockchain can have.

Our classes were developed because we believe that a conceptual understanding of the technical foundations of blockchain is necessary in order to understand specific blockchain applications, evaluate business cases or to be able to follow discussions on the economic impact that blockchain will have.

our NFT Management system

Want to go from NFT confused to NFT enthused, and have a better understanding of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? We provide more user-friendly NFT Terms ( acronyms ) in our NFT Dictionary

These recent years, are being introduced of many new varieties of NFTs use-cases for utility purposes, such as

And, Our NFT framework also supports these varieties of NFT Use-cases, in nft-services.io


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