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NFT Tickets

NFTs are already very popular in the art industry, and are giving freedom to all artists of art, to believe
and expand their sales to the digital world, without any doubt, why? because the blockchain can secure the ownership of the art owner.
But, How about the benefits of using NFTs as tickets (NFT Tickets)?

So, before, we go to the Benefits of NFT Tickets? then, we need to know first! What are NFT Tickets? actually...

NFT ticket is unique digital assets that hold your access credentials to any events, such as a concert, sports events, etc.
Unique means that an NFT Ticket can only have one official owner at a time, and can not be altered or forged.

And, What are The benefits of NFT tickets?

Preventing fake tickets and scams

Because blockchain data is very secure and immune. so, the owner data of NFT Tickets can not be fake and the authenticity can be tracked and proven.

Reduce costs and faster transaction

The cost of producing and selling the ticket is far lower compared to the traditional ticketing system.

Quick production

The maximum time of minting an NFT Ticket to the blockchain network can be less than a minute or 30 seconds. and then, can be ready to put for sale. so it will be faster than the traditional ticketing system.

Less damage

Paper-based tickets in the traditional ticketing system can easily be damaged or lost. But, this will not happen when using an NFT ticket.

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And, How do the NFT Tickets work?

And, Who already using the NFTs ( NFT Tickets ) as concert and sports event tickets?

NFT Tickets Are the Future of Live Music

Kings of Leon

In early 2021, Kings of Leon released their eight studio album ‘When You See Yourself’;
and three types of limited edition NFTs to support it.
Each holder of a ‘golden’ NFT ticket is guaranteed four front-row seats at any Kings of Leon concert during each tour for life.

The Dynamo ( Ukrainian team ) football club

In July 2021, they released three hundred limited NFT tickets for their social network fans.

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Ticketmaster lets partners sell NFTs with tickets on the Flow blockchain

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Where can I create NFTs?

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What other use-cases of NFTs for utility purposes?


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