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NFTs in Education

NFTs are already very popular in the art industry, and are giving freedom to all artists of art, to believe and expand their sales to the digital world, without any doubt, why? because the blockchain can secure the ownership of the art owner. But, How about the existence of NFTs in Education? Is the NFTs also can be very helpful in this industry?

If yes, then, What are the benefits that NFTs can do? to support the education world (NFTs in education)!

Issuance and management of certificates

NFTs can prevent the students ( or anyone ) to falsify their ( or anyone ) academic ( university ) certifications,
so, in other words, NFTs will protect and securely verify academic credentialing and achievements.

Protection of rights

NFTs allow the achievement of protecting the creator’s rights of different content or works.
for instance:
James Allison received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2018 for his cancer immunotherapy research.
The NFT data for Allison’s invention was stored through Ethereum Blockchain Network.

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NFTs Can Record Student Achievements From Moments Of Their Life In A More Fun Way

and, Who already using the NFTs to support their educational degree or certificates (NFTs in Education)?

Universities around the world have begun to offer NFTs.
1. Georgia’s New Media Institute confirms program completion via NFTs.
2. South Korea’s Samsung-backed Sungkyunkwan University has also issued NFTs to graduates and competition winners.
3. Duke University in Northern California used NFT certificates for students in its engineering faculty”s fintech program.

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