Introduction to Blockchain…The Basics : 2.5 hour Live Zoom : May 30th 2022 , 15:00 – 17:30 BST London UK time

blockchain NFT and Cryptocurrency zoom class May 30th

Introduction to Blockchain...The Basics : 2.5 hour Live Zoom : May 30th 2022 , 15:00 - 17:30 BST London UK time


2.5 hours Zoom class with Blockchain Architect and Trainer, Mr John Dennis.

What is a blockchain ? Why is blockchain technology important ? What is Crytocurrencies ? What are NFTs ?


2.5 hours


2.5 hours



Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a centralised trusted authority. Potential applications can include fund transfers, settlment of trades, voting, identity, certifications, secure data storage.

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

From a business perspective, it’s helpful to think of blockchain technology as a type of next-generation business process improvement software. Collaborative technology, such as blockchain, promises the ability to improve the business processes that occur between companies, radically lowering the “cost of trust.”

In this 2.5 hour class you will learn:

What is a crypocurrency ?

How do I own crypocurrency ?

How to set up a Wallet or use an Exchange.

What are NFts ?

How to create an NFT

Public vs Private Blockchains

Important Use-Cases for Blockchain technology.


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