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NFT in Healthcare

NFTs are already very popular in the art industry, and are giving freedom to all artists of art, to believe and expand their sales to the digital world, without any doubt, why? because the blockchain can secure the ownership of the art owner.
But, How about the benefits of using NFTs in Healthcare ( NFT Healthcare )?
So, before, we go to the Benefits of NFT in Healthcare? then, we need to know first a few terms related to Healthcare Passport.

What is a Healthcare Passport ( Hospital or Medical Passport )?

A hospital passport is a digital ( app, or online certification ) or paper document that provides important information ( or history ) about patients health conditions and any type of medication they are already taking.

And, What is a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport?

Vaccine passports are digital or paper documents to show whether you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, and let you verify your COVID-19 immunization record.
this passport will allow you to travel abroad or grant access to some venues, such as cinemas, restaurant, etc.

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And, What are The benefits of NFT in Healthcare?

Healthcare is the Newest Frontier for NFTs
From patient data access and privacy to blood donation tracking, the healthcare industry stands to benefit significantly from NFTs

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Some Peoples argue and has raised concerns related to privacy and security, Is their health information in vaccine passports, could be leaked and exposed to the public?

Users can choose whether to disclose information ( or vaccination-related details ) that can identify individuals, such as their names, date of birth, and nationality. So, in this case, users can protect their privacy and only prove the vaccination record.

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and, How is the process of vaccine passport verification by any agency?

Mostly, digital vaccine passport now present as a QR code in an app, the agency can scan the QR code to check the information related to the vaccination.

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Who is already adopts the NFT vaccine passport (NFT in Healthcare)?

San Marino Partners with VeChain and adopts NFT vaccine passports (NFT in Healthcare)

South Koreans adopt NFT vaccine passports that called as "COOV" vaccine passport

Vaccine passports around the world

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Where can I create NFTs?

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