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NFT Identity

NFTs are already very popular in the art industry, and are giving freedom to all artists of art, to believe and expand their sales to the digital world, without any doubt, why? because the blockchain can secure the ownership of the art owner.
But, How about the benefits of using NFTs as Digital Identity ( NFT Identity )?
So, before, we go to more information about NFTs as Digital Identity then, we need to know first!

What is Personal Identity Card?

An identity card is also called as an ID, IC, or citizen card.
it is a physical card that may be used to prove a person’s identity and its size is more likely the same as a standard credit card size.

And, What is Digital Identity?

A digital identity is a collection of information about an individual, organization, or electronic device that exists online.
And this form of digital identity has just rollout these recent years and become so famous.

And, Why the Digital IDs Won't Replace Physical Identity Cards?

But, The combination of a physical identity card with digital identity is powerful and provides multi-layered security. More information…

And, Why now the digital identity stored in the blockchain database as NFTs ( NFT Identity )?

If governments or any organization adopt NFT Identity, then they could transfer citizen records to the blockchain,
reducing their own energy costs for maintaining databases, massively improving the time to retrieve and update records, and potentially eliminating fake IDs. More information…

And, Where else the NFT Identity can be used? and What are benefits also?

NFT Identity can be used in the Metaverse

NFT Identity can be used on Social Media

To identify the ownership of Avatars, Twitter and Discord are already adopting the social norm of having NFTs as their avatar. More information…

And of course, everyone needs to know more of the other benefits of implementing the NFT as a digital Identity

NFTs can keep the true ownership of digital contents ( such as the photos, videos, articles, etc) that created and uploaded by you, are always yours. However, your content is moving from platform to platform.
And by this point, show that NFT can enable people to have an identity across platforms. More information…

And, Could NFTs be used for online or digital identity verification? And Why has it can become one of the best online activities protection?

Identity theft has been around for hundreds of years and the internet made anythings become more worse, by creating the term of digital identity theft.
So, a digital identity theft actually is a malicious actor that illegally steals all your personal details
( such as social security number, credit card details, etc ) and use it for illegal activities ( such as Steal money, applying for loans, opening credit card and bank accounts in your name ).
And to prevent identity theft, the NFTs can be used as digital identity verification ( in the form of verified NFT ID cards ). More information…

And, Who already using NFTs as Digital Identity ( or NFT ID Cards )?

The Republic of Palau using NFT as their identification cards

Soulbound NFTs

believe in using NFTs to store personal identity in the blockchain. And at the same time, also creates an identity system to associate a blockchain wallet with a real-world person. More information…

Want to go from NFT confused to NFT enthused, and have a better understanding of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)?

We provide more user-friendly NFT Terms ( acronyms ) in our NFT Dictionary

Where can I create NFTs Identity?

We will introduce to you Our NFTs Management System, where you can start and create your own NFT Identity.

What other use-cases of NFTs for utility purposes?


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